About Us

Hi! I’m Bri! A Mom of 3 and as if I wasn’t busy enough, I decided to start my dream of opening a Boutique, because why not!

In 2017, I launched my first online platform through Etsy. Selling all the creative pieces; from wedding to custom Mom/Dad and kids Apparel. After 5 years and still running (Breezy Design Boutique), I decided to branch out and find the staples for Moms to feel beautiful in the car drop off or pick up line, getting a coffee at Starbucks, trying to figure out what you quickly need at Target without looking like a homeless chic to finally getting a date night, girls night or wanting to match your outfit with your kids!

Listen, we all know the car drop off line can start with no bra, no shoes and an old shirt from college 2007. But, we still have it! Embrace it. Every bit of it! Every single thing you purchase from Tatum Mae will be a style for every memory. I promise.